Literary Translations

resim6As few of its practitioners would deny, literary translation is an art that is both impossible and imperative. Impossible because, self-evidently, no single word in one language can ever fully become the same word in another. But translation is imperative because, unless the attempt to find that other word in that other language is constantly made and re-invigorated, we will not be able to distribute the amazing and valuable works of writers, poets, journalists and the like.

We use professionals with wide experience in the translation of literary texts, able to guarantee maximum quality in translation of novels, short stories, poems, theatrical plays, films, etc.


You can choose from our wide selection of literary translation services:

  • Translation of novels, stories, short stories, poems, fiction and non-fiction books.
  • Translation of student handbooks, text books, undergraduate/post-graduate courses.
  • Translation of articles and research papers.
  • Translation and proofreading of surveys, studies, and questionnaires for various industries.


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